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current WORK: Cliodynamic Analysis of 6 Disasters and Contingency Formulation

We are conducting a literature review of numerical analyses on the progression of six diverse 21st-Century threats with "viral" properties... to implement a catch-all set of family & societal protective actions from the patterns observed: the global Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 on Italy, Amazonian & Australian fires in 2019, Japan's 2011 earthquake, the economic crash of 2009, SoBig.F + Blaster worms in 2003, and terrorist activities in 2001. The two graphics below are early outputs from our work in progress.

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 Our project subjects span multiple fields, and are in some cases themselves interdisciplinary. Focus is not current 'disaster preparedness' / 'crisis readiness' (which is conducted from within the current system), but sandboxed (in isolated safety), based on alternate protopian scenarios. We classify our studies by here they fall on a continuum:


Solo Observation

(in lab environment)


Collaborative Practice

(field implementation)

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K001.VL0Viral Load ZeroDIY Health1.25M20Q2
K002.ERCEssential Resource CachingSustech2.65M20Q4
K003.TKPThe Kasandra ProjectMindstate0.35M21Q1
K004.SRSSparsity Relocation SchemeColivability4.40M21Q2
K005.VHMVenture Hive MindsInventuring0.7M21Q4
K006.BSRBite-Size ResearchabilityArchival0.16M22Q1
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Research Practice Guidelines for Kx2 Experiments


Proposal and Abstract for Kx2 Project VL0


Proposal and Abstract for Kx2 Project ERC


Proposal and Abstract for Kx2 Project TKP

technology Provision


To be identified; discussion underway with collaborators in fintech, circular/donut economy, blockchain, and startup space.

...Discussion also underway with designers and developers of built habitats and community governance practitioners

Here our dialogue is with suppliers of sustenance-related technologies, from basic resources to 5E: escape, evasion, extraction, evacuation, and emigration...

- We're actively exploring skilled curations in the digital humanities and knowledge management fields too

In this stream, we're talking to visionary partners in MedTech (medical devices), pharmaceuticals, and healthcare- 

Finally... we're keeping an open line of contact with technical mavens in the cognitive sciences and psychology fields