⬑⥄for Systemic Ways-out ⥂⬎


when change itself is changing ⋯
when you can't tell what is real ⋯
time to build THE AUXILIARY 
 . ҈ ҈҉҉҉ .҉

In 2019, the AFAQ Group for General Investment activated K✗2™, predating today's simultaneous mass-adversities... from disease vectors, to devaluations of cash and labor, maxed supply-chains, climatic dieoffs, liberty curtailments, and geo macro trends... currents that sweep faster than any one person is able to make sense of. The blazing technological, cultural, and policy transformations they have triggered point to a historic social and economic paradigm-switch looming ever closer. Scouring for countermeasures, K✗2 proves concepts to PERSEVERE THROUGH. ⌄

"K2 prototypes and vets real, practical failover systems for medium-to-long-term continuity, in silo environments... isolated from temporary shocks to conventional tribal, institutional, governmental, and natural support mechanisms. The result is PERSISTENT RESILIENCE."
-Guillaume & Jimmy Safah, an early K✗2 family

thematic Streams  6 integrated Solution-sets we advance 

venturing via the Kx2 resiliency program.


New approaches, platforms, and methods for entrepreneurial self-sufficience

...infrastructure for enabling trade in a central bank-less scenario; digital currency & DeFi, new tokens of value (e.g. trust, love), alternative economic networks (e.g. gifting, circular, barter), UBI

co-living via the Kx2 resiliency program.


Micro-intentional communities,  ecovillages, urban co-op housing & co-living

... with a special emphasis on rental lease-free models, metaverse unreal-estate, sans utility maintenance-fee  based (common non-property) sheltering, resident collective choice mechanisms for P2P governance

sustenance technology via the Kx2 resiliency program.


Survivalistic preparative technologies for post-sustainability sustenance

... towards total basic resource security; harness, storage, dist, regeneration of power, air, water. personal evasion, escape, extraction, evac. hyperlocal safety. material supply chaining

knowledge preservation via the Kx2 resiliency program.


Assuring relevant knowledge retrieval and anthropological archival

... internet+deepweb caches, historical & archaeological and  text-mines. methods of preservation and dissemination. 21st century mythos, storytelling, k-mgt, 
digital humanities

philosophy of medtech via the Kx2 resiliency program.


Decentralized medical practice and research via AI, crowd-health, and robotics

...rural therapeautics & dx, home triage 1st line ER. pathogen detection, robotic surgery, culturing, doctor telexistence

behavioral systems via the Kx2 resiliency program.


Collective behavioral mindstates and individual fortitude

... incentivization, cognitive devices,  comm systems, networked choices,  alternative rules of order, neural rewiring, predictive analytics, willed positivity, complex human systems, simulations


...unifies and services all of our project pilots and monitored analysis. on it, we assemble non-obtrusive sensors, integrated with middleware for 1 point of truth

 ணpertinent Questions :

  K2 is not a venture capital fund, neither an accelerator, nor startup studio/venture builder, nor reseller/partner, but does help bring radical survivability ideas closer to reality by giving them a practical application today, with our test group of private families who covet early access to such solutions for being ahead of downcurves

 Concepts we accept gain our in-kind, non-cash assistance to develop and/or vet a prototype, proof of concept, or pilot on our sites independent of 3rd  parties, allowing us to test them out over a prolonged period outside of current systemic subjugations. Based on how they fare, we then demo viable models with their progenitors to our worldwide network of select families, who may choose to procure them, angel-invest, or charitably endow that work... else showcased by us to a larger  government, community group, or institution for wider adoption and scaling. The likeminded families we decide to invite to our circle do not pay anything to enlist and receive first-access exposure to our vetted solutions. Neither do we accept any compensation from solutionmakers for certifying their solutions or giving them more prominent featuring.

 Although K✗2 is a spun-off experiment of the AFAQ Group for General Investment, its work remains largely internal, for the readiness of friends connected to its patrons. I.e. it does not sell or market its services to anyone in the general public.

 If you are a private family evaluating a turnkey whole-systems shift solution (to complement your existing crisis resiliency and disaster readiness contingencies), you are cordially invited to approach our lead family by contacting us requesting an introduction for dialogue.

 Innovators with solutions in the above thematic areas are welcome to propose their inventions, products, or services. WE ONLY SELECT CONCEPTS THAT ARE TANGIBLY RELEVANT TO IMMEDIATE, SCIENTIFICALLY-ESTABLISHED CIVIC TRANSFORMATIONS... not wild stories, although we will not discriminate unbiasedly reviewing your concept even if you consider yourself a conspiracy theorist, sci-fi fantasist, or new-age prophecy believer.


 Experimental ingenuity to the power of two features prominently in Kolthar and Khasis, a 2-in-1 character. His joint name means "wise & skillful", "clever & deft”, or “adroit & perceptive”, his most evidenced innovation in the Greek/ Ugaritic/ Egyptian mythologies being the forging of Yagrush & Aymur (Driver & Chaser), a double-hand tool used by the thunderous storm of fertility to defeat a sea of chaos. And his place is in the milieu of the Phoenician pantheon, most popular for another polarized symbol: the Phoenix, switching between death & rebirth every ±1,000 years. The story of Kolthar-Khasis is ever-relevant today, as contemporary civilization is facing unprecedented change to its cyclicality. These on/off rhythms define our identity today: economic booms and busts, binary computing, left-right political spectra, war and relief, and psychological dualism (e.g. self vs. other, body ≠ mind).

 Families in our circle gain bolstered force-majeure resiliency capability. Humanity's toolset for whole-systems-change events grows more robust. Solution conceivers/makers land a contract or ten... to supply or license them to groups that would like to adapt them into something commercially accessible (e.g. SLA support and maintenance or continuity of concept updates). Worst case, they don't walk away empty handed, but get a world-first testimonial and reference from an early-adopter when no one (or few) believed in them, and reusable media content.