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experimental, acti⭔n-based research initiative

⋯ for humanity's Drive to Survive, Strive, and ⋯Thrive .


in cycles of turbulence, it's time to re-examine ourselves.
fail at this, we foresake our tenability . ҈ ҈҉҉҉ .҉

In 2019, we brought Kx2 online, predating today's simultaneous mass-adversities in economic liquidity, climatic shifts, liberty of movement, sociopolitical macro trends, and hospital capacity... currents that sweep faster than any one person is able to make sense of.  The blazing technologcial, cultural, and policy innovations they have triggered point to yet-another paradigm switch... which is no longer around the corner, but at the visible start of turning it. Soft-testing answers from the arts to the sciences, we "K by 2" TO PERSEVERE THROUGH. ⌄

"K2's interdisciplinary initiatives prototype and report on medium-to-long-term models for continuity, in silo environments... weathering impending shocks to familial, tribal, societal, institutional, and governmental units. The result is DELIBERATE PERSISTENCE"

Thematic Streams  6 integrated Areas of Focus :

venturing via the Kx2 resiliency program.


Studies on new approaches, policies, and platforms for self-employability promote radical innovation and output, driven by spirit of readiness. Infrastructure for enabling commerce in a central bank-less scenario such as new tokens of value, other economic systems. Resupply chains

co-living via the Kx2 resiliency program.


Structuring monitored intentional communities, urban co-housing co-ops, ecovillages 

... with a special emphasis on mechanisms of P2P governance, circular control, and sovereignty in case of collapse of external enforcement of hierarchies / martial law declaration

sustenance technology via the Kx2 resiliency program.


Sustenance technology, including sustainability and "prepper" culture 

... for resource security. Capture, storage, distribution, renewability of food, power, air, water. Personal mobility (evasion, escape, extraction, evacuation). Refuge migration. Hyperlocal safety. Sanitization

knowledge preservation via the Kx2 resiliency program.


Prolonging anthropological knowledge

...from warzones, archaeological discovery, and ages. Preservation and dissemination methods. Storytelling, 21st century myth, knowlege management, 
digital humanities,
learning from classics & pre-antiquity 

philosophy of medtech via the Kx2 resiliency program.

DIY health

Decentralized medical practice via open label mfg, dx+rx

... allowing pathogen detection & containment, safe germline genomics, crowd-and-AI based care, biohacking, telepresenced medicine, robotic surgery, district & home-ER, remote ambupods, microwetlabs

behavioral systems via the Kx2 resiliency program.


Collective minds and psychological fortitude

... via proofed comms systems, networked decisionmaking, predictors, alternative rules of order, hive intelligence, willed positivity, complexity and systems thinking,
crisis address, and neuroimmersive simulations


...unifies and services all of our research studies & pilot projects. K✗2 has the wherewithal to assemble grids of unobtrusive sensors, integrated with middleware to a single point of truth

 ணpertinent Questions :

 Here, research begins, and does not end, with a white paper. Application and scaling of real-world impact is everything. Unlike many central policy-driven governmental pilots, we operate on the ground at the community level or through mass individual tests, using venture-builder/startup-studio approaches to learning & discovery. Aspects of circular decision-making are foundational to K✗2's DNA; we believe tangible answers for our species lie with you around the core, but no one in the center. 

 We are also non-commercial; we do not practice consulting. But while rooted in objective post-graduate observation, both K✗2’s methods and its outcomes nonetheless transcend academic boundaries by arriving at MINIMALLY-VIABLE, DEMONSTRABLE PROOFS-OF-CONCEPT THAT ARE RELEVANT TO CURRENT, SCIENTIFICALLY-ESTABLISHED CIVIC TRANSFORMATIONS... not wild stories. 

 Currently, the program is solely an individual container for encapsulating the project-based study interests of its sole progenitor. It is in talks for absorption by a reputed private office, crisis/public policy center, university institution, or think-tank... its portfolio embedded as a programmatic stream within their larger umbrella.

K✗2 does not need to find a physical home alongside sister research groups… and CAN EQUALLY RESIDE WITHIN A BOXED FACILITY OR OPERATE AS ITS OWN VIRTUAL "UN-LABORATORY". It will live out its potential most with an affiliation that values the outside-engagement that K✗2 interventions will elevate… who can provide K✗2’s projects with supporting infrastructure, academic peer review panels or youth participants, and connectedness for scaling. It's preferable to do so in a nation that embraces liberties and diversities, as it is important for our societally-oriented projects to see out their course free from external interruption mid-experiment.


 Experimental ingenuity to the power of two features prominently in Kolthar and Khasis. His joint name means "wise & skillful", "clever & deft”, or “adroit & perceptive”. His most evidenced innovation in the Greek/ Ugaritic/ Egyptian mythologies was the forging of Yagrush & Aymur (Driver & Chaser), a binary tool used by the thunderous storm of fertility to defeat the sea of chaos. And his place is in the milieu of the Phoenician pantheon, most popular for another doubly-polarized symbol: the Phoenix, fluctuating between death and rebirth every ±1,000 years. The story of Kolthar-Khasis is ever-relevant today, as our modern civilization is facing unprecedented, unwelcome change to the rhythms governing our usual cycles.

 We engage with our constituent stakeholders to spread our findings, and peer academics to share data while upholding privacy. Depending on agreements, K✗2's most captivating projects — proven simulations, open-source code, or I.P. — would be translated (spun off) into independent ventures on the back of their initial research results.

 If mandated, the externalization of our work for enabling populace-level resiliency, we will transition turnkey operations to visionary governments, voluntary communities, and innovative leaders of business… for integration into wider agendas for continuity, with our ongoing input. Ultimately, such mass scaling at key inflection points mandated/of cause to our "tribe" will contribute to whole-systems change. 


 K✗2 is always evolving. Request current research abstracts, and ask about projects underway.